Writing Workshops & Exercises

The Workshop Header

Like any writer I believe in workshops, passing our writing around, giving and taking feedback, learning techniques and sharing all the awesome stuff in our heads. You never ever ever stop learning. So if we can make some of the brutal work of building our writing up and taking it down fun, why not?

Every month I’ll post a writing exercise that we can all do together. I’ll keep all the prompts linked here for an easy reference. If you have any feedback let me know in the linked workshop posts.

#1 Let me Google that for you-The ‘Why’ Exercise

#2 “Like Tears in Rain”-Recollection Exercise

#3 “Why’d it have to be snakes?”-Fear Exercise

#4 First Page of FirstsWe workshop the first page of any story/chapter


Some of my favorite journals and writerly sites:

Burrow Press LogoA great local Orlando Press run by awesome people!


A grassroots community created to shed light on the lack of diversity  in children’s literature.

SpecsI had the honor of working on this journal in college. And loved every minute.

brevitylogo435A small and very important magazine celebrating the art of writing in 750 words or less.