Hi, I’m Daniela!

Or Gypsyfly in certain gaming circles.

Welcome to my site, hope you like it.

I create stories and content, occasionally work in the gaming industry by playing and promoting video games, and I like to share what my friends and I are working on. One day I hope to publish a few books.

You may or may not know me. If you know me, stick around, read my blog, talk with me and you may find out things you didn’t know about me.

If you don’t know me, I hope you like my stories, videos, and blogs and other projects I have in the works. Chat with me!  You may even end up in a story or two if you’re nice to me and each other 😉

This is my personal hub site for all things me on the internet, so this is pretty much my home and where I plan on tucking in all my writing and projects at night-it’s like a slumber party, WITH WORDS! On my blog I write about games, movies, observations, personal stuff and workshop my writing and the writing of others.

Hope you have fun. Now let’s play!