Workshop #1 Let Me Google That For You-The ‘Why’ Exercise



Google-whyYou ever wonder what kind of crazy mind comes up with a certain Google search query when you start typing in the search box? You then realize that particular crazy search was yours….but the others were not. There’s a lot of crazy and funny out there. Let’s use it to build a story!

Choose one or both of the prompts below and send me what you got. I’ll do them myself and will make a new post with what I get and what others send me. If you want to be anonymous you totally can.  *FYI, only 3 of my actual queries appear in the search pictured on the left. Guess which are mine.



workshop prompt cat

 Prompt #1

Make a very mini story out of a string of no more than 10 lines of search query. It must start with the same word on each line. The first word can be any word, it just needs to be the same on each line.


why did he leave me
why can’t I stop seeing shadows
why are they following me
why is it so cold

Prompt #2

Type ‘why’ in the Google search box and incorporate the last word of each line that drops down into a very short story (no longer than a paragraph).


In the image above of my ‘why’ Google search I would have to use the following words in at least a paragraph: twitter, expensive, year, change, seriously (take the next complete word if your last word is a repeat or incomplete), happen, drugs, blue, why, and yawn.




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