The First Page of Firsts

or I Have No Idea What I’m Doing
I’m assuming this was my first birthday. That’s my God-brother putting his sister in a headlock, baby me oblivious to her pain, my brother holding me up, and assorted cousins in the background.

This will be my first official post on this site and I rather not “waste” a first on yapping too much about myself. Not that I don’t deserve a first or I”m not important enough, it’s just my story starts with the first of someone else, my mom’s first trip outside of Colombia. Like most stories, I can say mine begins with my mom and it’s her first that begins my story. I’ll probably expand on the importance of firsts in storytelling in a workshop post later.

The only genuine way for us to tell our own stories is to weave in the people who have made our lives what they are and like small diversions in a river changed the course of our paths in a million different ways. I’ll eventually get to me after I’ve told the stories of my mom, sisters, family, husband, friends, and probably my hardest story to tell, my dad. Anyway, I’m still trying to figure myself out, but that’s pretty much the human condition isn’t it?

On another note, not all my blogs will be like this, many will be sort of curated content of my life or what I’ll probably call “personal relics” or “narrative artifacts”-items like old pictures, ticket stubs, scraps of notes; the things we save when we want to recall a memory or moment. I’ll create stories around those items, some true, some probably a little more fanciful or fantastic. You’ll also see workshop posts that are to help me as much as to help other aspiring writers. I’ll update on stories I’m writing, life updates, so on. I’ll also touch on my love of games, traveling, movies, toys, my pets, things that are happening to all of us, or whatever makes me smile or will probably give me a headache.

I won’t set a schedule for how often I’ll post updates because I’m not so great with personal deadlines, plus when the big blue* hits I stay far away from the past or writing certain things. I don’t even know if anyone will read this but I suppose that’s when we do our best writing, dancing, acting, painting, whatever-ing, when we think no one is watching or will ever see it.


*I’ll talk about the big blue in a future post. If you get it you already know what it is.