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  • Journey To Tampaland

    So this place got real quiet just as it was beginning to get fun, sorry about that. The hubs received a deserved promotion so we’re off to Tampa about an hour and half away and much closer to the water which makes me bien happy. However, the promotion and our move was poorly timed with […]

  • Dear Marvel & The Truth Behind the Perlmutter & Lynton Exchange

    Dear Marvel, The recently revealed email of Marvel CEO, Ike Perlmutter to Sony CEO, Michael Lynton opened my eyes. I love Marvel and how many truly cool and diverse characters are featured in the Marvel Universe-including awesome female super heroes. I’ve been an X-men fan since I was a little kid and it was my […]

  • The First Page of Firsts

    or I Have No Idea What I’m Doing This will be my first official post on this site and I rather not “waste” a first on yapping too much about myself. Not that I don’t deserve a first or I”m not important enough, it’s just my story starts with the first of someone else, my […]

  • Magic, Medellín, & Mom

    or The Story of Me: Chapter 1: Mom in Colombia I can say without a doubt my mom is the most important human in my life next to the hubs. My mom was the major storyteller in my life who kept the gears turning and sparks burning. I would write long lists in my journal […]